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Clinton Auto Service CLINTON AUTO SERVICE BERGENFIELD… BAD WORK, SCAM, CHEATS, TELL YOU WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR, SWEARS AT YOU AND YELLS OVER YOU LIKE A 3YR OLD LITTLE KID AND THEN WILL START CURSING YOUR MOTHER AND SAYING SEXUAL THINGS ABOUT HER ALL BECAUSE HES MAD HIS MECHANIC ARE TERRIBLE!!!! bergenfield New Jersey!!. Clinton Auto Service is the WORST place you could ever bring your vehicle!!!! I brought my family SUV in with my three daughters and from the get go these guys were sitting around doing nothing and look dissapointed when i showed up to give them business. After being quoted a low price for an oil change they began to work on my vehicle. My 4 yr old daughter needed to go potty, so after using their key to the restoom attached to a anti-freeze bottle (classy) we were appauled not only by the dirty filthy bathroom but by the dirty filthy magazines (hustler,and s**t magazines) all over the restroom!! Long story short they were dirty, lazy, unprofess

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Clinton Auto Service

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By Sam Lala