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Class One Auto Sports Class 1 Autosports Sham, Scam, Lying, Cheating, Stealing, Shady, Slimy, Dishonest, Dumb, Unskilled Green Brook, New Jersey!!. Class One Auto Sports The sign looks like it says Class C and I should have stopped at that observation. Why? Because they are a 3rd-rate, low-class, shadier-than-shady operation. I got new rims put on my car. The first thing I noticed was that they didnt put the chrome caps back on the valves. They put plastic caps on instead, and they werent even the same color! Then I noticed that my car had a wobble. I took it back and they said You need control arms, bushings, struts, tie barsthe list went on. I then took it to my regular mechanic for a second opinion and guess what? My car was wobbling because these total idiots at Class 1 put EVERY ONE of my tires on backwards. Every wheel wrong! Here is the topper:I was charged twice on my credit card for the nuts that they didnt tell me I would need until AFTER I purchased the rims. At that point I would have asked for my money back, but in the fine print I found that they have a NO REFUND policy and the store credit is only good for 60 days, as are gift cards. Talk about shady, this about as shady as it comes. I contacted the store manager, Joe, Who was extremely unprofessional. He blamed the double charge on his F*$%ing computer, then began to wax poetic about how much he hates this upgrade to his software and blah blah blah cry me a river. At one point he got defensive and started in with the Ive been in business for 22 years and blah blah blah Id like to know what these businesses are. I am sure they are varied, many, and failed. I called in regards to a refund for the labor, as I feel that I dont deserve to have to pay for the work of putting EVERY wheel on backwards. They would not take my call. This issue is still unresolved. I will be reporting this sham house to the Better Business Bureau, and doing whatever else I can do to bring to the attention of the public the fact that this place and these people are indeed scam artists. TBC

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