Circuit City Rockaway New Jersey Review


I recently purchased a 46″ Sansung television for my daughter at the Vienna Circuit City store. After selecting the television I arranged for the store to have it delivered to my daughter’s apartment. nThe following day

a landscape type vehicle arrived at my daughter’s residence and a group of men delivered the television. It arrived without a box. They placed in on the entertainment center and hurried out of the apartment. They did not have me sign anything; did not collect the delivery fee; and did not wait for a tip. nWhen I went to get the remote out of the plastic bag

I noticed the bag was filled with water and the bag contained green mold. I looked at the television and while it was not wet

it smelled from mold. nWe quickly drove to the Vienna Virginia Circuit City store where the television was purhcased. I met with an individual named Chris who identified himself as the store manager. I told Chris the story and he indicated that the television came from the Tysons Corner

VA location and that they had a broken water pipe there a few weeks ago. He called the other location and instructed me to drive over there to get a new remote. nI drove to the Tysons Corner store and met with several associates in the television department. Each associate had knowledge of the water damage. One instructed me to demand a new set. I waited for the television manager to arrive and demanded a new television. He agreed and scheduled it for the following day. nThe next day the same crew arrived. They came to the apartment and removed the first television. They then removed a box from their trailer and I examined it with them. The outside of the box presented water damage. We opened the box

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