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? 11/15/2013 – John J****** a single man entered into a realty contract with my wife and I to purchase our home. The original offer was for $674,900.00. John J****** place $10,000 in the good faith escrow account with Chicago Title. The contract stated John J****** had 17 days to cancel. The Chicago Title Escrow account number is 51128760-**. Chicago Title Company Escrow officer name is Gina Belletto In Modesto, California. | ? Approximately January 2, 2014 our realtor gave us the news John J****** had backed out of the deal. When pushed we were finally given a hand written letter by Mr. J****** dated December 26, 2013 that he was withdrawing his offer. This change of mind was 42 days after the accepted off was signed. Mr. Johnson was only given 17 days to back out of the offer. | ? 2/6/2014 – We received a summons and subpoena to appear in Madera County Superior Court case number MCV0667**. This was a frivolous suit as the escrow and home were both in Stanislaus C

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Chicago Title Commercial

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By Sam Lala