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Champion Chrysler Service Dept gave me an estimate for over $800, when $ would have been the answer Indianapolis, Indiana!!. I own a used Dodge vehicle and recently I have had issues with running out of gas when in fact there was from 1/4 to 1/3 full in the tank. I decided to take the van to a Chrysler dealership service dept., the best expert to diagnose the problem and learn what needs to be repaired. The cost to run a full diagnosis is about $100.00 and for the charge the customer gets a full printout of what the customer states and what was learned by the service techs. In addition, the customer gets a summary of potential other issues for consideration. When I went to pay for the testing, I learned that to fix the problem of running out of gas, the service manager told me that I would need to spend a little under $900.00 which includes a fuel sending unit/fuel pump and a fuel filter. I asked the service manager if I spent that much money would this repair fix the prob

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Champion Chrysler

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By Sam Lala