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On or about 30 January 2015 I received a bill from Century Link addressed to my mother Beverly D. Wicke. My father Paul A. Wicke had assumed the account when she passed away. My father unexpectedly passed away in December 2014. Once I received the bill in the mail I proceeded to call Century Link to notify them of his death. I was also calling to set up my own account with the hopes of keeping the same phone number that my parents had. I spent almost 5 hours between the 30th and 31st on the phone with a nice lady named Lashell who helped with the process. At first she had things set up so that my parent’s account would be closed on February 6th and a new account would be opened for me the same day and get the phone number. Apparently the computer there wouldn’t let her do that. So then Lashell and her supervisor set me up with a transfer of responsibility of the account stating that the past due amount would not carry over to me at all. In fact I was promised a $50 credi

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Centurylink Review

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By Sam Lala