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A friend of ours gave us a coupon for this place and we took our two daughters there for a 2 year picture. First time there and everyone was nice until we got into the studio. The girl photographer was all business, which did help keep our toddlers in line, but she’d snap a few shots – then turn around to sell us on stuff while turning her back on our kids – take a shot or two more – try to push more stuff we didn’t want on us. In my opinion, She ignored our girls safety completely. She would set them up on a high trunk and a chair then would walk more than 10 feet away to try to sell us on stuff at the computer monitor. I’m no safety nut, I know little kids get bumps and bruises. But when I said something to her, she condescendingly said “oh no, don’t want daddy’s little girls to get a boo-boo” and went over and set pillows all around them. Uh, did she just make fun of me in front of my wife and kids?? How were the pillows going to prevent a spinal injury anyway?? I also noticed the high-power cables strewn all over the floor, and not even covered. My wife tripped on on one when we first walked in and all the girl said was “watch out, if you break it, you buy it”. Evidently, they were trying to sell their photo equipment to us, too. Once the session was done, so were we. The girl hustled us out of the room and pushed another person in our faces to “confirm” our order. By “confirm” I mean “tried again to sell us more stuff we didn’t want”. Now our girls were getting cranky and we just wanted to go… but the salesperson kept saying, “just one more thing, don’t you want to buy a ___ for ___”… When the order was ready and I went to pick it up they brought out our order and a whole stack of “extra” pictures they had “accidentally printed too many” which they wanted me to buy for a discount. My opinion was that we’d take them for free since they would have to throw them away anyhow, but she said the manager would fire her if she let us have them for nothing. It was my opinion that was the last straw and I opted to get a refund for all but 2-5×7’s and wallets. She refused at first, but it was my day off and I was absolutely insulted by the “sell, sell, sell” tactics and the unprofessional way the staff made conversation with us. I am in B2B sales professionally and it just made me sick. I persisted until the manager finally and reluctantly agreed to refund the difference – after many trips to the back office to “check with the owner” (I believe the owner was hiding in the back office and was listening to our conversation but never personally surfaced to speak to me). Of course, my wife was furious with me coming home with just a small part of our package. But, we both agreed the experience left a bad taste in our mouths and we found another studio in Zionsville that was more than accommodating and got us in for retakes the following week. They also didn’t hassle us at all about buying “more, more, more”. We were far happier with the results. It cost me almost double, but WELL WORTH the time and I was glad to pay it. I will never choose a photographer based on a coupon again!!!

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  • How is it anyone else’s job but your own to watch out for your kid’s safety if YOURE STANDING RIGHT THERE? I mean if you PAY for a daycare service and you are leaving them unattended then THEY WOULD be worried about it…but you would PAY them to care…if you aren’t paying for direct child support, then your children’s safety is no one else’s job. There’s cords everywhere? It’s a photo studio, of course there’s cords…your wife tripping on one must be because it’s their job to take care of your wife’s safety too, right? People in businesses sell things…that’s how they make money… It sounded like you needed a daycare for your kid’s, your wife, and now you’re coming and complaining because you didn’t like a business trying to upsell you after you were upset that no one gives a crap about your stupid ass family

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