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Hi there! I have been working in the field of therapy and wellness since 2008. I help people who are struggling with their relationship with food, body image, anxiety, panic, and identity in general. As a genuine wellness seeker, lets go deep and figure out who you are and how to create a life worth living. I look at the whole person, as complicated and intricate as we all come. Over the years, I have developed a reputation for an honest, authentic, sincere and kind approach. Ill take you where you need to go and make sure your landing is soft. We will incrementally move through the unique and interconnected pieces of you.I help clients use evidenced based therapies to treat all forms of eating disorders. Struggles with food and body image require special attention and I can offer you that expertise. In order to meet a diverse set of needs, I offer individual therapy and DBT skills training groups.While I am originally from the Pensacola area, I just return

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Casey Becker Review

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By Sam Lala