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Cardone Capital is a crowd funding real estate platform which accepts investments from non-accredited and accredited investors alike. Grant Cardone is the CEO and founder, he has been notorious in the media for running clever scams however, not much has been done about it. Grant has been in the multifamily real estate for a considerable amount of time. The company claims that the investors at Cardone Capital have never lost any money on the deals and they only buy multifamily residential properties. However, testimonials from real investors seem to tell a different story (covered later in the post).
In this Cardone Capital review I’ll be explaining why you should avoid investing your money with this company. This post is not meant for bashing Mr. Cardone or Cardone Capital, but to show some details that have been hided from the public through paid media efforts.
Red Flags of Cardone Capital Being A Scam

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Cardone Capital

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By Sam Lala