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car city baltimore fraud sales, bad cars and dishonest baltimore Maryland!!. i bought a chevy impala 2018 from car city in baltimore the owner said the car was in good condition and sent his assistant to go test drive the car for 3 mins and he made me turn around because they were closing. the next day, the car had abs, stability tracking and the traction light had errors on it. i called the owner and he said call the warranty company and refered me to his mechanic accross the street. in the initial inspection, the mechanic discovered that the transmission is going bad, the shocks are bad, and the right control arm is bad. I immediately called the owner and demanded that he do something about this issue. he gave me the run around and told me to call the warranty company. the warranty company told me that they do not cover preexisting issues and that i would have to get the car fixed myself. mind you, the warranty company is one of the worst companies to deal with. i

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car city baltimore, md

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By Sam Lala