Cali Bamboo San Francisco California Review


Was looking for a more sustainable solution for new deck. First Purchased and installed 2 years ago. Within months, delamination mold, splintering, and warping happened. After a series of emails and phone calls (tons of persistence and lots of legal threats from me), I was able to get them to send full replacement (about 400 sq ft). I was happy…but getting close to installing for the second time…and I’m already starting to see signs of poor quality – yet again!I’m finally resigned to the fact the I’ve spent about $4000 and countless and precious hours of my time…and now I need to find an alternative material. What sucks just as much is that (as some of you might know) the bam deck boards are thinner than conventional deck boards, so the main structure of my deck is built specifically to accommodate a thinner board. I’m not sure yet how ill work my way around this as I go to install industry standard 2×4 material…argh!Stay away from Cali bamboo!

San Diego, California United States of America

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By Sam Lala