Cadillac KIng


Cadillac KIng Total Boiler Room Scam Artists! Wish I had checked them out before calling. Ouch! Charged me $252.00 for a rare part that they insisted they had and then sent the nwrong part. Now hiding from me. Won’t issue credit. Won’t take my calls. Won’t respond to my emails. Just thieves posing as a legitimate business. BEWARE! Llano California!!. These people are scam artists. Nothing but a rip-off boiler room operation, I wish I had read the reviews befire I handed over $252.00. I gave them the correct part number. They insisted they had the correct part. After I explained to them how hard it was to find, they were like “No problem. We have it. We guarantee our parts for six months.” Me: Well OK, I really want to restore this car and I guess I’ll have to pay them what they want as no one else has the correct par. — They shipped the worng part! Won’t work. Now they won’t refund my money, won’t take my calls, won’t respond to me emails. TOTAL CROOKED THIEVES & SCAMMERS! BEWARE!

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