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Complaint: is a scam!!! They insisted that I pay via moneypak, which made me a little nervous, but I decided to go ahead with my purchase because all the reviews on their website are so positive. They promised to ship my order for next day delivery, but as soon as I sent them my payment info, they drained my moneypak card of all $500 and stopped responding to my emails. When the next day came and went and I hadn’t received my order or even a tracking number, I knew that it was a scam. The positive reviews posted on are obviously all fake. I should have noticed before it was too late that they all appear to be written by the same person (all lower case letters, the same grammatical and spelling mistakes in posts purportedly written by different people, etc.). After I realized that it was a scam, I decided to make one last attempt to convince them to refund my money. The day after I was supposed to receive my order and didn’t, I sent them the following email: “You defrauded the wrong person. I am a private investigator and I will have no problem locating you through your ISP address as well as the moneypak transfer. Once I have that info

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Address: I will be turning it over to the police in whatever jurisdiction you live in. I just wanted to give you an opportunity to refund my money first. If you don’t

Website: apologizing and claiming that my order had been sent out and returned because they had written down the wrong address. Of course

Phone: I promise you will regret it.”” I am a PI and I was completely serious about my threats

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By Sam Lala