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Bushway & Waystack, Attorneys at Law Keagan Waystack, liar, corrupt, prosecutorial misconduct, witness tampering, false witness statements Macon Georgia!!. The Demise of Keagan Goodrich Waystack It should come as no surprise that Keagan Goodrich Waystack has lost her position as Assistant District Attorney in the Ocmulgee District Attorneys Office in Gray, Georgia. In August of 2013, Keagan found out about her impending job loss while standing in court (probably lying on someone to get a conviction) trying a murder case. The individuals whom made the decision to get rid of her did not have enough respect for her to give Keagan a heads up. Apparently, she had no idea that she was about to get thrown under the bus. The Jones County Commissioners stated that due to budgetary constraints, Keagan’s position has to be eliminated. Come on, anyone who knows anything about politics and public budgeting knows that when cuts do occur on the county level, it’s usually not withi

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Bushway & Waystack, Attorneys at Law

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By Sam Lala