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Check with the Better Business Bureau too, and see the numerous complaints filed about this company. You will save yourself from being defrauded, and a great deal of grief. My Problem with Bulkfoods.com : I placed an order for $102.14 on 05/26/2011 with Bulkfoods.com. Just hours later, upon receipt of an email that it was ready to ship, I realized that the SHIP TO data they were using was incorrect (see detailed data below). I immediately called Bulkfoods to request that they correct the information before the order shipped, speaking with David who refused to help in any way because “we are going home for the day. We’re closing” Though I stridently begged that he intercept the order before it shipped he would not help, but said they would fix it the next day. Next I emailed Bulkfoods.com a detaile

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Bulkfoods Reviews & Complaints

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By Sam Lala