Brook Butler


Brook Butler Brook Butler THIEF ? PROSTITUE St. Petersburg Florida!!. This woman was a guest in my home, her mother is my room mate, I went out of town and returned the next day, she was at the bank and they called me, she was trying to cash a check of mine and it looked suspicious. I told the bank that I did not write a check to her and not to cash it. The bank told me she cashed four the day before, when I was traveling, two at the bank and another two at Amscott check cashing, they paid her a lot of money. She didn’t get the money for the fifth check. I confronted her mother, who told me she must have been sleeping and knew nothing about it. The police told me she has a long record of theft, and prostitution. She had just gotten out of jail, for a year, due to her second shoplifting charge at Walmart. My checks were hidden which means she had to search my entire house. She gets jobs in TELEMARKETING AND SHE IS A PROSTITUTE. Do not hire her, she will steal from you and lie

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Brook Butler

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By Sam Lala