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Complaint: I had placed an order for a restaurant I had found online which had a link to the BringMeThat website to place me order. After going to the restaurent to pick up my order, they had no record of my name on file and had not received my payment from the online website. After furher investigation with the owner of the restaurant, they said they do not have online ordering and the order I had placed was not on record. What happened was; 1) I placed an order through BringMeThat and filled in my name and credit card information. 2) A foreign representative called the resturant and placed an order using a DIFFERENT name “Alex””. 3) Not a single dime went to the resstaurant

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Address: but was charged a service fee for the order. The website is hands down a scamming website. It is safe to assume that if you have ordered through this website

Website: Internet USA

Phone: your credit card has been compromised. I have cancelled my current credit card and am having a new one delivered. I am working closely with the restaurant owner to get down to the find out any further information since it has incnvenienced the both of us. It should be noted that if the restaurant and owner have no partnered with the website

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