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I purchased the MK-33 surround system. I installed it and the device produces a loud hum after 5 seconds. so, i checked the web site for customer service. there is no phone number available so i sent an email through their form. The first 3 emails went unanswered over 3 months. the 4th email request led to a month long short answer exchange about the problem. I was asked for the reciept and then told it was outside the 90 day policy. | (seems like the 90 days of waiting for a response may have been intentional). I was told it was probably a bad circuit board. I asked for a replacement or repair. I was told no. I asked how it could be fixed. I was told a new circuit board. I asked how much and where i could get it. No response. I sent a certified letter to thier office. No response. Now, the box is a very large paperweight that cost me $500. | Later i have learned that this company is routinly involved in white van scams. the box showes the cost of the system at $3

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BNW Acoustics

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By Sam Lala