Blue Vision Graphics Complaint


Blue Vision Graphics offers free unlimited webpage design and unlimited maintenance to your website for the life of your contract( 1-2 years) They state in their contract that requested updates will be completed and posted within 24 hours of your request. It has been my experience, that I have had to threaten them to get the changes posted. They always blame the customer when you dispute the extended time it takes for them to perform the updates. They say although they built the site they don’t know where the products page is and you didn’t state page 4 so they couldn’t perform it, or their email wasn’t working or they were out of town on a family trip… Or they indicate that if you send them a change with type “o’s” they will not correct them for you prior to posting it. Are they suppose to be the web experts or do we do their job for them and pay them too? I guess you only get what you pay for and once the site is designed, free maintenance isn’t always worth a whole lot. I do not recommend working with this company, they’re are many out there that are good to their word. This is not one of them. They are not customer friendly and actually go out of their way to argue with the customer. I was told that I would get a partial refund at the end of May, it’s now July 10th and to date… no refund.

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