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Blue Ridge Auto Repair, INC (Salem VA) Richard J. Alvis Jr. RIPOFF Paid for car repair upfront 6 months ago. No work completed and no parts purchased. Salem, Virginia!!. Attached is the gist of my issue: February 24, 2018 the 2007 Ford Edge was dropped off at Blue Ridge Auto Body, with a date of completion estimated for March 9, 2012. $1,500.00 was paid in advance for parts and labor, yet five months and two (2) rental car deductions later (additionally totaling: $532.98) the work is still not completed. According to the Virginia State Law, regarding Auto Repair, and the Consumer Protection Act (RCW 19.86) Keeping a customers payment for parts not delivered or installed or for repairs not performed is a violation of two different laws and makes Blue Ridge Auto Body liable for up to three times the amount of/in damages (up to $10,000). In addition to the car issues and the legal violations, the doors to the vehicle were left unlocked the entire time and tonight I discovered a very expensive GPS unit and an even more expensive radar detector have been stolen from the console, and ALL of the parts taken off of the vehicle are being stored on the leather seats inside the automobile. When I call the owner he says “two more weeks”, or “I’m getting back on it FIRST things Monday morning”, etc. But come to find out there are five other cars that have been there for more than a year, one of which has been there for two years. The owner Richard has two other lawsuits being filed agains him. I hope no one else falls for his scam of paying him and the parts not getting ordered, and the work not getting completed.

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