Blackwater Agency Review


Unprofessional amateurs run this business. The turnover rate is astounding. Mostly because they pay people minimum wage and treat their employees like dogs. Your very first day (except for the unpaid “training” day) you’re greeted by a very pleasant human resources woman who talks to you like you’re a 12 year old. – “Welcome to the company dirt bag” she might as well say with her I’m a woman here me roar attitude. Not a single fellow employee I met had anything good to say about their employer. The company violates about every labor law since the 1800’s you can name. Don’t pay overtime when you work it, even on holidays. The consensus is that you have to beg for it because they pay you straight time no matter what you do. Even though your every movement, including clocking in and out, is tracked by an app using your phone’s gps you’re forced to download. You are also not allowed to have breaks of any kind, try running that past the Department of Labor. How about never seeing an I-9 form to see if you are legally able to work, or a “security company” that doesn’t do a pre-employment drug test? Try again the idea that you are issued an asp or collapsible baton, handcuffs and mace with NO training. A class on each of those weapons would be at least two days each. Certain the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ Bureau of Regulation & Enforcement (of security licensing) would approve. Not to mention the liability imposed on any client of these guys if untrained individuals with these weapons injure someone. Keeps personal injury lawyers employed. And yes all of this high-speed, sweet gear you are issued, YOU are forced to pay for. One polyester made-in-China shirt and matching polyester pair of pants and the garbage made-in-China (airsoft) “duty belt” will cost you $250, so you are basically in the hole before you even start. Check amazon, the same cheap belt by “taigear” ( is $27 with free shipping. Got a cheap life? Buy cheap gear. How cool is it to make money off simply hiring someone? Got to respect ingenuity. If you leave and haven’t paid your “tax” for the “privilege” of working for them for the one uniform (in southern Florida), like the mafia they take it all at once so basically you worked for free. They do (I’m told) generously take this stolen money back from you in increments from your check, if they ever pay. Apparently, payday is on a Thursday and you will be lucky to get your direct deposit on Sunday. Regular paper checks on Monday or Tuesday. Most people don’t last for direct deposit to be effective So plan accordingly. Never heard of an S&P triple A rated business like ADP being late on issuing checks. Usually a company with questionable books like this is not handling their funds according GAAP principles. Clearly the owner(s) get paid first to pay for their multi Mercedes in different colors. Employees? Well you’re a minimum wage misfit so you wait idiot. A business that acts like this doesn’t last so that’s the best part. I do imagine it’s incredible pressure to be watching your 6 all the time. Why the plywood entry door? Well, everyone in the office monitors the reception area with ipad cameras trained on the reception area, yet they let a 20 something female sit there to greet you (or any anything management is scared of) and she doesn’t even have the passcode to get into the office. The Taliban normally hid behind women too. One final bit of trivia fun: appropriating the name “Blackwater.” The real, original Blackwater was created by a professional and honorable person former Navy Seal Erik Prince in Mayock, N.C.. He still owns the rights to the name “Blackwater.” Bet he’d love to know how it’s being misappropriated here. But hey Navy Seals are the cool thing to pretend to be since they killed Bin Laden. So how cool is that to steal the valor of those that actually earned it? It creates a nice marketing façade to sell your flunky company to the average person who knows nothing about the real Blackwater or the military except for Mark Wahlberg playing Marcus Lutrell in the movies. If you want to work for a group of unprofessional amateurs and be robbed for working there, treated like a moron, have your life threatened by a drug addict, then this is your place. Don’t worry potential clients considering hiring these guys: you get what you pay for.


Name: Blackwater Agency

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Miami

Address: 7243 NW 54th St

Phone: 305-226-7171


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