Blackwall Capital Group Review


You know, Blackwall Capital Group is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to financial frauds, uncaring advisory companies which scare and intimidate clients into continuing with retainer commissions on investments and also equity investment firms which masquerade as trustworthy entities but are far from the same. There are so many companies and firms which deserve to be blacklisted that an entire book can be published on the same. Yet, let us focus on the company which has cropped up in recent times on the radar of several regulatory authorities for non-compliance and also for taking its customers for a ride.
Blackwall Capital Group is already known for its unethical ways of doing business although many people are still falling for their carefully constructed traps and investing money with them as a result. Yet, the company has been flagged by regulators, received lawsuits from aggrieved customers and market players and also recognized as one of the most shady companies out the

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Blackwall Capital Group Review

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By Sam Lala