Black Bull Towing


Black Bull Towing Scamming, Fraudulent, Predators Fort Worth, Texas!!. This company tows vehicles that are clearly parked in visitors parking spots. They towed my car last night from a friend’s apartment complex. My wife and I spent the next several hours trying to get our car back. Come to find out, this company lied on their report about what time they picked our car up. I believe they are scamming people and using the apartment complex and tenants for help. When we went to pick the car up we waited over an hour in an unlit parking lot with gunfire around us (I’m not kidding). Then they would only let me inside. Am I supposed to leave my wife and two young children alone in this neighborhood? You speak to a person behind a blacked out bullet proof glass. I felt violated. What is someone supposed to do. You either pay the 293.30 or don’t get your car back. The police won’t do anything. I called the Arlington Police Department and they told me my only recour

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Black Bull Towing

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By Sam Lala