Bill page Honda- Falls church, va


Bill page Honda- Verbally quoted a lower out-the-door price and charged a higher out-the-door price Falls church, Virginia!!. We recently went car shopping and unfortunately, by a personal recommendation we went to Bill Page Honda. After negotiating a purchase price and a trade-in price, we verbally agreed with the sales person and his manager on the out-the-door price. This process, took 3 and half hours of our Sunday, haggling backward and forward. After we all agreed with the numbers, we decided to purchase the vehicle, and started signing the appropriate paperwork. We noticed confusing numbers throughout the contract, to include fictitious rebates thus confusing the real numbers. After signing all the paperwork and taking ownership of the new vehicle, we realized that the numbers were not the numbers we verbally agreed on. Those numbers were not even present on the contract, so when we came back less than 24 hours later to discuss with the sales department, they were rude and di

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Bill page Honda- Falls church, va

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By Sam Lala