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After numerous and repeated e-mail messages and phone conversations, Wesley Ridgwell, the Company’s owner refuses to pay for any of the damages to the household goods his company transported from 825 San Raphael St., Kissimmee, FL to 25 Montreal Rd., Sedona AZ. | I have an itemized list and pictures of these items, illustrating the damage, which were provided to Big Man Movers and to Ms. Angela Camardo, (630-864-3563),Senior Claims Specialist, Trans Guard IAT Insurance. | This Company was supposed to settle my claim, but Mr. Ridgewell withdrew the claim from the company stating that he would settle it himself. He had the audacity to offer $300 to settle the claim. This only added insult to injury. I have e-mail messages that corroborate what I am stating herein. | The Claim No. was 2018-20202. Damages totaled in excess of $4,500. Only one of the damage pictures would attach to this report. I have pictures of all the damaged and broken items. I would be happy to share t

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By Sam Lala