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Motivation is essential to individuals because it helps you achieve your personal goals you set. A person motivated will do the work with lots of satisfaction. It will help in the self-development of an individual. A person will always gain by working with a dynamic team. Through motivation, productivity increases in a group. The needs are met through motivation and thereby create the drive to work to the best of an individual’s ability.

Motivation will keep you going, no matter the challenges of life. It will keep you grinding both at home and in the workplace. A team motivated works very well and profits made in the companies. All that the employees need is motivation, and the task will do smoothly. The companies need to tell their employees exactly what they want them to work. They also need to limit the amount of time or effort that they are asking.

The company needs to share the sacrifice with the employees to show solidarity. The executives of the companies need to appeal to the employees’ emotions. People should look given multiple reasons for doing what they want them to accomplish. The executive should the change they wish to inspire in the employees. Telling employees stories of encouragement will inspire them.

Books and articles help in motivating individuals to focus and think about all the positive things life offers. Motivation has currently helped in the fight against suicidal as individuals get excited by the articles and the books they read, whether online or in hard copies.

Challenges have always pushed me to look for the best motivational materials to boost my morale in achieving the best life can offer. Visiting motivational talks organized by the keynote speakers in my areas and listening to motivational audios every morning pushes me to acquire the best experience gives.

I never knew in my life exists some motivational speakers who are not as per the standards. They share stuff old worthy, and yet people pay lots of money in their talks. The charges are very high, but the quality of the information shared is below average.

One such keynote speaker is Bernard Marr. Who through his fake social media influence, has become a bestselling author, strategic performance consultant, and analytics. He is also a keynote speaker and strategic advisor to companies. He has gained influence through his close friends and relatives. He uses social media for advertising his fake products to people who do not know about his secrets. He is one of the worst motivational speakers you can ever listen to when you feel pressed.

I am a victim of his works, and this article will help you to discover how he cons people in the talks and selling them books that are not worthy to readers. Do not waste your precious time and money visiting Mr. Bernard Marr for his motivational speeches. Instead, look for better motivators in your town and listen to them.

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By Sam Lala