Be careful with that before you pay.


Would I recommend Rome Smiles with Dr. James H. Hudson Jr. & Dr. Scott Scharnhorst to anyone? I know many people on the net do recommend them, but I am not going to be one of them.
Maybe they are very popular, and that means there is always a rush. But it seems like they take a lot of time to talk to their patients. I know they are trying to be more informative and make sure the patients know exactly what is the problem and the solution too. But that does not mean that you keep the patients outside waiting for well over the scheduled appointment time. My wait was of over 30 minutes beyond the appointment time. And when my appointment started, I realised what had caused this delay. And when I brought this up, the doctor seemed to have then rushed to get mine done within time. It was, maybe, that he did not like me mentioning that he is taking too long with the patients and that the waiting is going on increasing. But it felt that the atmosphere in the room just got a littl

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Be careful with that before you pay.

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By Sam Lala