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Answer by Leonel Baruch Golberg I write these words because of my constitutional right to answer the statements contained on pages 10 and 11 by Leonel Baruch Golberg (Banker And Former Minister of Finance.) Apr 12, 2016 20:59 pm I write these words because of my constitutional right to respond to the statements contained on pages 10 and 11 entitled “Businessmen and bankers of Costa Rica take refuge fortunes in tax havens” and I require that they be rectified and clarified. The way in which your publication is written involves me within a same category of businessmen and bankers who, according to their publication, have created a “maneuver or strategy to hide transfer of funds or avoid paying taxes, using partnerships in Panama,” through the law firm Mossack Fonseca. However, what the University Weekly does not say, as Amelia Rueda said, is that my name is in said documentation only and exclusively because in 1998, when I held the position of Minister of Finance, said portfolio was responsible for carrying out the Research on Tax Credit Certificates (CATs) and as Minister of Hacineda I was copied from a note sent to the then President of the Republic, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, on the case of the company Borda Azul SA That is, my name is mentioned in a documentation because I was notified of the sale of a company by virtue of the investigation carried out at that time by the Ministry of Finance. You justify the public interest by virtue of the people and companies mentioned, which is absurd: the public interest must come from the subject addressed and never from the person. The manifestations contained in that report and the way they were made are ungrateful, because they do not capture what the scope was and the reasons why my name appears in that information. Clarification UNIVERSITY mentioned the former Minister of Finance, Leonel Baruch Goldberg, because his name appears in the archives of the Mossack Fonseca firm in his capacity as director and president of the Panamanian firm BCT Bank International S.A. and of the power that his company granted – on December 23, 2014 – to the lawyers of the mentioned law firm for a legal management.


Name: BCT Bank

Country: Panama




Phone: (507)297-4200

Website: www.bctbank.com.pa/

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