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Back On The Road Auto Parts Antonio Dominguez AKA Tony Baldomero Fraud. Sells items he does not have. Keeps your money. Charges for services he does not perform. Pinellas Park, Florida!!. I searched online for a replacement motor. After several queries, and emails from a number of businesses, I had a telephone conversation with Antonio Dominguez. He assured me he had my motor. He said he just had to have “his guys” go over it and prepare it for shipping. I believed at this time (Date/Time: 22-Apr-2018 11:40:25 AM ET Transaction ID: 3585363774) that he had the motor in his possession, and if I paid for it immediately I could receive it by Friday, April 29. I paid the money via debit card. The money was debited before I hung up the phone. Mr. Dominguez then sent an email with two attachments which, among other things, added a statement not previously mentioned that he would deduct a 20% “restocking” fee on any canceled order. This was after the debit cleared my

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Back On The Road Auto Parts

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By Sam Lala