Azurlyn Francisco – Alexandria, Virginia Virginia


My sons father had been together almost 2 yrs and I found about this girl the first time back in March/April right before heading out to dinner at a friends house. Of course when I confront him about it he makes this whole story up. Now this chick was sending my boyfriend lame pictures of chewed up gum and dumb shit like that. I knew just off that she thought she wasne honorary girlfriend. Nothing came of it and I never thought twice about it until May. He gavee this excuse that he was goig to make it down to come seer and our son because he had to work. I soon found out that he was seeing her. He was lying to me about beig late to work and all types of excuses. I found her number on our cell phone account, because we have a shared account and his dumb ass thought he was getting away with something. I confront her and she thinks she’s doing me a favor by telling me about what they’ve been doing. Come to find out he had brought our son around this bitch trying to play house. My boyfriend and I are both in the military and I recently got stationed in CA. He called this bitch up the inure I fotbon the plane. I was pregnant again when I moved out here but aborted it because it was obvious this was goig to be an on going thing between them. He has since then been trying to make things work withe and him but this bitch obviously hasn’t gotten the memo it’s over. She tried to call him on new years and I am seriously one flight away from beating this bitches ass. And the worst part is she looks like a fucking little girl. And she is only half of the woman I will ever be.

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By Sam Lala