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A installation problem persists. They couldn’t solve it. They made accept refund. Although it was not my desire. They keep saying my PC configuration was not good and the problem was solely mine. Truth is, I’ve bought Karpesky Total Security with my refund, and installed like a charm. Therefore, the problem is in the Avira software and not in my PC. They made all the efforts to make me fell guilty. Avira Staff is a bunch of ####, people with no word or honor whatsoever. They support is a great scam. They have no expertise, they are just interns in steroids. I should have seen it at once, when they nominated a eastern European named Irina to take care of my problem. They certainly pay her less because she is Romania, Bucharest. She had no skills just try to keep me busy to almost a month. And then purportedly had a meeting with “so called” experts. Which I doubt just to say she’s unable to sort things up. And worst, push me to take the money back. A deceitful woman, never was a prepared, cheating and duping me just for fun. Avira is not a trustworthy company, but a rat’s nest. I know they will never solve my problem, they are not this kind o people. But I will let everybody I know who they are: RATS.

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