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AutoAssure LLC Vehicle Services Department 1-800-348-7042 Fake bill and fake warranty service Anchorage Alaska!!. Repeatedly calling and sending mail that pretends to be an extended warranty from the auto manufacturer. When you talk to them on the phone they try to imply they’re associated with or a subcontrator for the manufacturer or dealership you bought a car from. They even try to use your VIN number to convince you they’re legitimate — they’re not. The fine print on the letters and website makes clear it’s not a warranty or insurance. The website looks very professional, but it’s completely fake. The mailing address (6400 pinecrest drive, Plano TX) is a mailbox drop. If you look on the web there are hundreds of people who were suckered into doing business with them only to discover it was impossible to collect anything at all from them when repairs come up… for “reasons”. They stall, hangup on you, return let

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AutoAssure LLC

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By Sam Lala