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Complaint filed with GA PSC on Oct 05, 2016 at My complaint to the Georgia Public Service Commission is related to Atlanta Gas Light’s on-going program replacing 750 miles of the natural gas supply lines in my neighborhood and other areas within Georgia. AGL has twice committed in writing that they will return the areas disturbed in the individual residential yards to pre-construction conditions, but their contractor and the on-site AGL representative have repeatedly failed to competently restore my lawn and those of many of my neighbors. In fact, the on-site supervisor of the contractor has laughed at my attempts to get them to respect the property of AGL customers and competently implement the restoration process. The on-site AGL representative has expressed his support of the contractor when presented legitimate customer concerns of negligence. | Timeline: | April 12, 2016 We received a letter from Atlanta Gas Light (AGL )to affected residents,

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Atlanta Gas Light

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By Sam Lala