arvixe Aurora Colorado


Complaint: this company is incredibly bad I don’t where to begin. They advertise 99.99% uptime but that is false. They are often down. They host y website and emails and both are often down, more often than they claim. I have lost mportant business due to arvixe. My credit card recently changed and when arrive tried to bill e for the five dollars I owe them it did not go through and they shut down my website and my email. They have no phone number and no way to contact t them except through their “online chat””. The chat is horrible. It takes forever for someone to come on

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Address: and when they do it is always someone who does not have even basic comprehension skills for English. And then they write sentences back to the customer that make absolutely no sense at all. They will refuse to get you a supervisor or anyone in the US. If you insist

Website: but they will only send it to the email address that they have suspended so there is no way to access it! I am still trying to find a way to pay them the five dollars but it is looking hopeless. In the meantime I would urge anyone considering using arvixe. com for welcoming or email to pick anyone else. Believe me you will save yourself a lot of headaches. I start my chat with them frustrated

Phone: they will say your browser does not seem to be working and disconnect you. If they offer any help at all

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