Art In Motion Custom Wheels Review


I originally arranged to have a set of custom wheels made as a partial sponsorship with the total cost coming to $3600. I made an original upfront payment of $1200. A few months later it was set to make the rest of the payment, however due to engine issues that was pushed back. The company knew about this and said it was fine. A few months after that they contacted me saying we needed to move forward on the balance. Within a week I sent another $1000 bringing the total balance to $1400. Not long after that I sold an air ride controller netting me approximately $100 in commission, so that would bring the balance down to $1300. For an extended period of time I kept in contact with the owner and made sure they knew that despite the delays I was still interested in paying off the balance. Finally when I had the available funds I contacted the company, to which they replied that they could not find my wheels in their warehouse. For 2 weeks I contacted them looking for updates. Left with no other options I requested a refund due to paying and receiving no product. Almost 2 more weeks passed with no response to my request. At no point did they find the wheels. I eventually found out that they lied and in fact liquidated my wheels instead of misplaced them. At this point I have an ongoing dispute through Navy Federal Bank. I recently had my provisional credit reversed due to the company providing documentation that is completely false and doctored essentially stating I knew policies that are not outlined anywhere on their website or facebook page. Nothing short of a full refund will be acceptable at this point due to all the dishonesty and time they have wasted of mine on top of money thrown away.


Name: Art In Motion Custom Wheels

Country: United States

State: California

City: Stockton


Phone: 209-740-0169


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