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Anchor Used Auto Parts Rip offs jerks or just stupid? Plaistow, New Hampshire!!. I am a Used Auto Parts Broker in Florida. I deal with literally thousands of salvage yards across the country. I have a great relationship with 99% of them.Then there’s the 1% that are people like Anchor Used Auto Parts located in both Lawrence and Plaistow New Hampshire.I ordered a $200 strut for a customer on June 28th from Jake. It was to be shipped to Arizona the next day. On July 2nd the funds were withdrawn from my account. I called to follow up on July 5th to get a tracking number for my customer. I spoke with Butch. He had no idea what I was talking about, but he would give Jake my phone number and have him call me later that day. I didn’t get a call. I called the 6th, and was told “Jake and Butch are gone for the weekend” , the girl that answered the phone said “they will get back to me Monday the 9th”. No call on the 9th from them, so again

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Anchor Used Auto Parts

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By Sam Lala