America’s Service Station


America’s Service Station ripoff Flower Mound Texas!!. I will try to make a long story short. I took my ’99 Olds Van with 44,000 miles on it into the shop in late January to have them check it out because I had found a small amount of red fluid on my garage floor. After checking it out I was informed that the DEXCOOL that Olds used for the cooling system had corroded the entire system and it would need to be replaced. Supposedly they had seen this happen many a time and no one should have ever put DEXCOOL into any automobile. Okay, I didn’t know any better. The cost on that was $1200 and big surprise when my husband asked to see a corroded part they couldn’t produce one – that right there should have been a red flag. Two days after I got it back I was getting a low coolant light – no problem they said, the fluid just settled and it needs more. The next week I took it in to be flushed as recommended. No more problems I thought until this past Su

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By Sam Lala