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Americare Home Healthcare Services 1279 Dublin Granville Rd., #2, Cols, Ohio 43229 Unlicensed Nurse Supervisor Columbus Ohio!!. This entity has an unlicensed person acting as a nurse, using the title nursing supervisor, managing, supervising, and delegating tasks to licensed nurses. When approached about the FACT that a unlicensed person cannot act in a role that delegates clinical tasks to licensed nurses, the HR Director and CEO became defensive and have refused to pay me the days I worked there. I witnessed the most lack of organization and inefficiency at this place, than any other. The skilled nursing note documentation is begging for a lawsuit and or sanction, while the quality management compliance area goes in and edits the notes of nurses after each has been signed and submitted. When asked, “does the software Axxess timestamp and that you edited the skill note (ie the original nurse did not write what you are now typing on the patient’s record)

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Americare Home Healthcare Services

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By Sam Lala