American Fidelity Mortgage Services Review


This company promises you that you can sign you and your guys up and he will set your office up with a margin, the company will have a margin and the pricing for your LO’s are better than the market avg.. GUESS WHAT – every file we closed, Joe Cuttone NEVER one time had his margin built in properl;y or the margin of the branch… Your LO’s get screwed, Joe Cuttone tells your LO’s that YOU the branch manger are screwing them, but yet he double dips. Cuttone has his margin, your margin and then takes his margin again…………and then tells everyone You need to speak to the Branch Manager. I went into the office to go thru the purchase advise – and the guy would never show up, and instead he would send the BS emails – – like he was 4 years old. He reminds me of the wizard of oz – BIG MOUTH, behind the email, then when you pull back the curtain and meet him in person – its this little weasle. When I le

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American Fidelity Mortgage Services Review

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By Sam Lala