American Custom Golf Cars ACG


American Custom Golf Cars (ACG) ACG COMPANY IS DISHONEST AND A OVERSEES SCAM Chino California!!. The WORST EXPERIENCE/PURCHASE you will ever make in your LIFE. We contacted ACG to purchase a vehicle for our retirement community due to the tax incentives and wonderful gas mileage that was purported on these golf carts. We ended up purchasing a cart from (Mark). The day the cart was delivered it BROKE DOWN less than 30 mins of delivery. The deliveryman barely rolled it off the trailer and it stopped running. I also noticed the vehicle was delivered in USED CONDITION. We had paid top dollar for a brand new cart and this one was scratched and not completely finished. I thought to myself this must be a huge mistake; I immediately called the company and spoke with Raineer (Ray, Owner) Hoogenraad. He LIED up and down about the condition of the vehicle upon delivery but promised to make it right. HE NEVER FIXED THE VEHICLE and LIED ABOUT THE ORIGINATION OF THE PARTS. THEY CLAIM TO BE u201cA

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American Custom Golf Cars ACG

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By Sam Lala