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AGI Atlanta is a WASTE of time. Highly disappointed in the leadership!!! marketing, door to door, sales, poor leadership, agi atlanta, agi, ed cunliffe, edward cunliffe Atlanta Georgia!!. I worked at AGI Atlanta full-time. It seemed like a college fraternity or sorority house VS a professional environment. First and foremost; working for this company does NOTHING to prepare you for the real world employer. The way they deceive, act, and teach gives you a salty taste in your mouth and an altered reality of what working for a true professional employer is like.The recruiters and interviewers skirt around the truth. The truth is; the position is 100% DOOR TO DOOR sales, with 100% commission, no benefits, no healthu2026 insurance, no leave or sick pay. In all reality, if you are sick, you are still expected to come to work and go out knocking on doors to get sales. And god forbid if something happens with your child that you truly can’t control and is out of your hands. You will h

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AGI atlanta

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By Sam Lala