Aeroméxico Review


THERE IS NO MONEY IN THE WOULD THAT WOULD COMPENSATE THE HUMILIATION AND STRESS… | Our flight to Cancun (Aeromexico 9301) was supposed to leave sunday july 10th at 9:35am. | We had everything packed 1 day before and then I got an email telling that the flight would delay almost 12 hours due to the crew rest (which would be 24h) and this are the regulations. As the email said, it would not be likely to change once the crew was already at rest! | I understood that the company would not be willing to break the law and the delay would be inevitable. I made peace with that even if I was losing the first day at the resort. | We went to bed and I woke up at 11am. I was checking my emails and at noon I got an email from vacation express telling that our flight would leave at 1:30pm. | This was completely unexpected and once I read that, I just dropped everything, put the first pair of pants on and hit the road. | We live in Murfreesboro, TN which is 45 min far from Nashville and we could be at the airport at 1pm. | We went to the frontier airlines check-in, and this was when the nightmare actually started! | They told us that we could not check the big suitcases, and we agreed to open, put everything in 2 beach bags and dispose all the things that could not pass security (shampoos, spray aerosol sunscreens, luggage). | It was embarrassing to open everything and try to accommodate in front of everybody, on the airport floor. | Anyway, we were okay because we believed that we could be on board. We had upgraded our tickets to first class so we could pass thru security as priority. | After all this hassle, they told us that the system was down and there was nothing else they could do! | I started crying, I made a scene, I was never this frustrated and humiliated, mostly because the lady from vacation express (her name was Cory) said that was our fault! We were the losers! She said that 150 people could make it in time and we should try to find a one way ticket to Cancun in order to do not lose our vacation. | Frontier airlines attendants just walked away on us, | I never saw something so despicable! | They did nothing to help! | Immediately my husband went last minute tickets hunting, after 30 minutes he found 2 last tickets at Delta, with 1 stop in Atlanta. | This was our only option, we just put in our credit card and still have no idea how we are going to pay for that, but losing our vacation would be worse… | We planned this vacation for 5 years (yes, we had no vacation in the last 5 years). | Delta made it up for us, | we started to feel like people again. | They tried to accommodate us side by side seats asking other passenger to move. | They served 4 snacks, drinks, even fresh fruits were available. | We had trouble coming back as well: | Aeromexico 9300 delayed 1:45 min, changed gates 3 times, | there were still fueling the plane while we were waiting for departure inside the plane… | And I never saw such poor and cheap service! | No blankets, | they served 1 tiny bag with 17 grams of peanuts and 1 drink, and it was after almost 1 1/2 hour on air, | I was dehydrating and my blood pressure started to drop. | And the cherry on the top of the cake… | We had to return the disposable earphones… | Plane was dirty (I found a black curly hair on the pillow) windows were disgusting, | Big FIASCO! | I would like to straight this out in a civil way and as I told before, THERE IS NO MONEY IN THE WORLD THAT COULD ME FEEL LESS HUMILIATED AND FRUSTRATED! | I am giving you the opportunity to do the right thing! | I do not want to trash your company all over internet (BBB, Consumer affairs, Rippoff reports, Trip advisor, Groupon) or take you to court, but if I end up paying all this money for a bad experience vacation I will be the only one at loss, and then I will have no other option. | We emailed this same letter to the Aeromexico CEO and we got an answer from a person called Montserrat Dehesa Espinosa (VIP customer care representative): We are sorry for your experience, but we are not going to do anything in order to compensate your frustration. | Well, then if I can help people and alert them to never fly Aeromexico, I will… | Fortunately, I will never use them again! |


Name: Aeroméxico

Country: Mexico


City: Mexico

Address: Paseo de la Reforma 445

Phone: 1-800-237-6639


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