Advantage Toyota Valley Stream


Advantage Toyota Valley Stream Robbed Us of $1500 Reimbursement Refund Total Ripoof Totally Avoid Valley Stream New York!!. Avoid!!!! Do not trust the sales thieves at Toyota Advantage Dealership their crooks!!! Promise you everything and never deliver. My wife and i and my children sat in there office and they took advantage us, hard working people. Super high on promise but never delivered, very cunning sales sharks. We paid for extended warranties $1500 and were told if we didn’t use it we would get reimbursed. After the extended warranty expired which we never used the reimbursement promised was never delivered. We called and called and the managers just keep giving us the run around. They told us we didn’t have the proper documents then when my wife presented the paperwork a few days later the managers said it was too late. I came in the talk with the head manager and he said the managers when we purchased the vehicle have long gone and dont work he

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