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Complaint: My car wouldnt crank over. Checking the battery the eye sight was green and I had just done preventive maintenance on the terminals, especially the positive and coated it with battery terminal spray a couple of months ago, so I did not suspect it. I noticed there was some blue powder under the car on the right side but did not match the place where the battery is. Turns out that the battery has been leaking acid through the positive side terminal and corroded my battery wire all the way to the starter. Since I do these things on my own I had to take a day to take out the starter and the wires, repair, clean and neutralize the acid. This also caused the chassis and plastic wire protector to deteriorate and melt. This is the third battery all AC DELCOs that my Camaro goes through in 7 years. Last time I bought the 72 months or 6 year battery to make sure I wouldn’t have trouble and it did not last over 1 year. Tried to contact KMart where I purchased it and they no longer carry the AC DELCO brand. Contacted the website and it gives me a retailer close to my house. When I called it they informed me that this problem is common on all AC DELCOs and they no longer carry the brand. There is no phone number to contact AC DELCO directly and now I know why… Everyone tells me that is a major problem with the side terminal batteries from Delco. BEWARE. Jerry Temecula, California

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