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AC Cars Iconic Motors thieves, fraud, do not buy their cars, liars Worldwide Nationwide!!. Do not do business with AC Cars. They are a complete fraud and so is Iconic Motors- their whole story is a lie. I raised the money to take this company out of receivership and Alan Lubinsky and Claudio Ballard stole the company and screwed the investors and shareholders. DO NOT EVEN GIVE THEM A DEPOSIT, because they will keep that as well and you will never get your car. They are being invesigated by the US and EU Authorites and when their assets are frozen so will your money. Stay away from them. The AC Cobra is dead and gone and they are bringing back a bootleg version of it. They are frauds and thieves operating out of fake companies in the Isle of Man, while Lubinsky fled to Israel to hide from the authorities and angry investors
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