ABC Bartending School Review


I enrolled into this school to learn a new career, first day I started it paid 395.00, day 2 comes around they called wanting another payment, red flag, I started asking questions about there school and asked for a business license and state certificate from the school, they had applied for one, but was operating the school without it, I contacted the county and the state and found out he had bogus licenses, I called the school and told them I only did a two hour class and wanted my money back, they informed me that that wasn’t possible, by this time they drew out another 395.00 off my bank card, the owner Chris Nelson has been arrested and charged with running schools that were not licensed to do so, owner sent me an email telling me he had cancelled my enrollment and would issue a refund, it’s been three months and still no refund, now the school is continually harassing me and threatening me, I filed a BBB report and they told them that I was there competitor, which I’m the student, bbb closed case without any further actions, the school took out two payments, only one was to be taken out, I lost 395.00 twice, I filed a dispute with my bank card, case was closed in there favor, this school is still operating and it’s bogus, the owner has several warrants for fraud and some how gets out of them very quickly, not sure, please be aware of this school, they operate in every school in the southern states, you will lose your money if you attend here.


Name: ABC Bartending School

Country: United States

State: Alabama

City: Center Point

Address: 1515 HUFFMAN RD Ste 200.

Phone: (205) 533-9136


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By Sam Lala