AAMCO SCHAUMBERG Illinois RUN DO NOT WALK AWAY FROM AAMCO SCHAUMBERG Nationwide!!. RUN DO NOT WALK AWAY FROM AAMCO CRYSTAL LAKE AND SCHAUMBERG IL. (19MAR2018 – 27APR2015) On 19MAR2018 I dropped my 2018 GMC 2500HD truck at AAMCO Transmission Schaumberg IL to rebuilt my transmission and transfer case. On or about 31MAR2015, Schaumberg AAMCO finally took the transmission and transfer case out and sent it to Crystal Lake AAMCO (same owner) for the transmission and transfer case rebuild. While discussing what needed to be rebuilt, I kept getting inconsistent estimates and various claims from the Schaumberg manager, Rich Bolwin, about what was wrong and needed to be replaced. On 02APR2018 I drove to Crystal Lake AAMCO. Again, these two establishments are owned by Tim Erwin, and I spoke directly with the transmission mechanic (stated as saying he has 30 yrs experience in transmission rebuild). We spoke about the transmission torque converting going bad and polluting the valve bodies in the transmission. It would need a complete rebuild for valve body, seals, and a new torque converter. The mechanic stated he would make sure it was the correct torque converter for the 2500HD (Heavy Duty) truck. I gave him authorization to do the rebuild just as we discuss. On 07APR2015, 17 DAYS from start they called and said it was ready. Two days later the transfer case blows up on the road. I called the owner Tim Erwin at Crystal Lake AAMCO, who again just two days ago rebuilt the transmission and transfer case, and they argued that I must pay to have it towed to their shop. Again I pointed out that I had spent $3500 on a transmission and transfer case rebuild that broke down 48 hours later. He finally agreed to pay the tow. Here is the interesting part: While talking with the owner Tim Erwin, he clearly and more than once stated he was speaking to his transmission tech and the tech claimed he did not rebuild the transfer case so it was not AAMCOs responsibility that it broke down. Tim stated they only u201cresealed the caseu201d and did nothing else. Funny, I replied, because I have an invoice which shows I paid $770 to have the u201cTransfer case rebuilt with NEW BEARINGS and SEALSu201d itemized. Also, on 02APR2018 I had an in depth discussion, in person, with the Crystal Lake transmission mechanic to discuss what was to be rebuilt. Finally Tim E. admitted that the problem was when the transfer case tail shaft was reinstalled, the u201cTECHu201d did not properly spline the oil pump to the housing and it spun inside the housing eating the tail shaft case. So where do we go from here? Their solution was to find a u201cjunk yard take outu201d transfer case and stuff it into my truck and call it good. Once again, I stated I paid for a rebuilt transfer case not a junk yard replacement. So all they did was split the case and smear some RTV sealant on the junk yard transfer case and stuff it in the truck. 27APR2018 I now am driving a transmission of questionable mechanical dependability. If they screwed me on the transfer case rebuild, what did they do or not due to the transmission? How do I know I got all the u201cNEWu201d parts I had discuss and authorized, and of course paid for? They claim there was a mix up in paper work and directions as to what was to be rebuilt and the charges for the transfer case rebuild was a mistake. REALLY, I discuss it in person with the tech and authorized the repairs at that time. Make the judgement for yourself if they tried to get away with it or not. After all, if the transfer case had not blown up, I would have never known they charged me for work they admittedly did not do. In the same thought, what is the reliability of this junkyard transfer case? Remember, I paid for a rebuilt one not a junk yard transfer case. Never did get any refunds. As a parting shot, the Schaumberg manager said as I left, u201cI hope we never have to talk or see each other againu201d. Yes, thatu2019s mutual.. Hopefully you wonu2019t make the same mistake.

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