24HourWristbands.com Complaint


AVOID!!! These people are a scam. I placed an order and received a confirmation email. The amount was $13 higher than the price when I clicked the order button. I immediately called them – waited about 15 mins for someone to pick up – then asked about the additional fee. They told me it was tax. They are based in Texas, I am in California. I said – at what rate?? They could not tell me. Well, $13 on an $82 order is waaay more than the normal tax rate. I requested a cancellation immediately. They sent me a log of my request for cancellation. I called again the next day, as I received an email saying that the order had gone into production. I reiteratied that I would not pay additional to what I had contracted for, and they stated that the additional amount was tax, customs fees (from Texas??) and insurance. I said, well, I cancelled my order anyway. They then informed me that they do not cancel orders, despite the prublished cancellation policy on their website. They did offer to refund me the “tax” amount, but would not refund the customs fees or insurance. When I questioned how they can refund TAX as is required by the GOVERNMENT they dodged the question. I reiterated that I was cancelling, had written confirmation of cancellation policy AND of my request to cancel. They hung up on me. So I disputed with my credit card company and reported them to the state of California for tax fraud, since they are obvoiusly collecting “taxes” and not sending them to the appropriate state.

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