Peter Jobst is an unprofessional fraud who claims to be an expert in the network industry. I had hired him for my businessís IT needs but he failed to perform any tasks properly. He is an arrogant fraud who overcharges for all the services he provides to his customers. There arenít many service providers like him who lie to bluntly and free.
Peter claims to be an experienced engineer but he doesnít possess the knowledge to match his claim. In fact, he lacks the basic knowledge of DevOps engineering. You will be better of hiring a local service provider instead of choosing Peter Jobst as your service provider. His whole personality is made up of lies. It is vital for you to stay alert and avoid such a fraudster.
When my company had hired Peter to avail his services it was unaware of his scams and fraud. There are many reasons why you shouldnít hire this guy and his company. I hope this article will be an eye-opener for you. I hope it will clarify the situation and help you sav

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By Sam Lala