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24 Hour Fitness ndowntown nSeattle, WashingtonnRe: Medical Freeze Requirements nSeveral months ago I became a member at the new 24 Hour Fitness club in downtown Seattle. My primary reason for joining was to strengthen my neck and shoulder as part a rehabilitation program. Today I withdraw my membership -essentially for the same reason and because of your ridiculous policy regarding medical freezes. nSeveral weeks ago when I suspected the reoccurrence of some nervenrelated symptoms might be due to my work out routine, I held off on the work outs until I spoke with my Orthopedist. He suggested I stop working at the gym for a few months and to instead seek physical therapy. nWhen I called the club about putting a hold on my membership, I was told I had to get a note from the doctor. Neither my word would be enough, nor would the word of my doctors office suffice. I therefore called the doctor’s office and although incredulous that a note was neccesary, they were willing to fax the note to the fax line at your club and sent me the original. nWhen I called to check on the status of the freeze, I was referred to Connie Scramlin. After a few more calls, I was told not only was there no record of the fax but that my note had to include the exact dates of the start and end of the time I wanted the freeze. Even though my note was dated and specified “1-2 months”” the disability certificate it would be insufficient to freeze the membership. nSince I had no intention of getting yet another note to continue this run around

I asked Ms. Scramlin to cancel my membership

at which point she said she would check on the policy. Today I got the message that the beginning and end point of the freeze was indeed required and that I should try to give 20 days notice to stop the bank withdrawal. nAfter dealing with this injury for three years

I sure wish I could put a stop date on the end of my rehabilitation. If I had the gift of prophecy to know when I would need 20 days notice

I might also have seen just how mercenary your health and fitness corporation really is. nI am grateful that I can at least put an end date on my membership with your club. And just to feel like I had worked out (for that last month fee you already have) I plan to let my fingers do some walking through the phone listings of both the State of Washington and the corporation I work for and let them know about this ridiculous policy of yours. nJackie DeVincentnSeattle

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